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Instead of bothering your audience with boring text and images, 3D animation is a more dynamic way to show them what's going on and how things actually move around. The possibilities are endless, your vision is our mission!

Richard van der Oost Headshot

Richard van der Oost, Creative Director

Welcome to Since 2012, we've been helping organisations and businesses to tell their stories with elegant 3D animations. If you're looking to create some great content, let's email.

David Sarno Headshot

David Sarno, President, Lighthaus Inc. -

I contacted Richard for a short-deadline project to generate several appealing, animated 3D clips. The short notice was no problem, and he helped create awesome imagery. He's very responsive, easy to work with, and we made the deadline, no problem!

Jim Batt Headshot

Jim Batt, Film Director -

I needed a shot of a plate breaking in slow-motion, and found Surfrender through their work online. I enjoyed working with them, the communication was quick and to the point, changes and revisions were updated in time and the finished shot was great!

3D Rendering in the cloud

To be able to render beautiful and photo-realistic imagery, we've set up our own renderfarm in the Amazon Cloud. Since May 2014 it is openly available at This means we're also helping other animation studios to produce great 3D content!